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Capped at Tue 03:50 PM.Chuckles
Have I got the law firm for you.
Capped at Tue 01:06 PM.CK
I prefer the legal term - elongated yellow fruit.
Capped at Tue 01:04 PM.CK
Bongo want banana.
Capped at Tue 01:02 PM.CK
Don't sit on the evidence, Bobo.
Capped at Tue 01:00 PM.CK
Bobo, put Bongo on.
Capped at Tue 04:14 AM.flavio   
No fun for Hercules tonight. I got the Quigley down under
Capped at Tue 12:36 AM.amjoan
Here at Bobo and Bongo Law Offices, we won't stand until you are paid off.
Capped at Tue 12:35 AM.amjoan
I tried calling the law offices of Bobo and Bongo. They said banana related accidents are not covered.
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Capped at Mon 10:16 PM.flavio   
Have you been injured in an accident involving a banana peel? Call the law offices of Bobo and Bongo
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Capped at Mon 08:03 PM.t
wife went to another planet to get away from him.
Capped at Mon 07:20 PM.cambria36
..and the storms could-care-less.
Capped at Mon 06:26 PM.cambria36
Never tickle a baby dinosaur's chin. (you've been warned)
Capped at Mon 06:25 PM.cambria36
Got wood ?
Capped at Mon 03:36 PM.cambria36
...was never nagged.
Capped at Mon 02:25 PM.CK
Outta my way, I smell boysenberry jam cake.
Capped at Mon 02:16 PM.CK
I like the texture and color, but, well, it is a bit binding.
Capped at Mon 02:11 PM.CK
Space Octopus? Our 70's goalie masks will protect us.
Capped at Mon 10:21 AM.thefifthbot   
The hole? I'm more worried about the Space Octopus.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.