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Capped at Thu 11:03 PM.Thumbnail
Ironically this has never been ironed.
Capped at Thu 10:59 PM.Thumbnail
But where are we going to get two Nigerians and a tuna sub at this late hour?
Capped at Thu 10:56 PM.Thumbnail
I love her so much that the permanent loss of circulation and gangrene in my arm seems a mere trifle.
Capped at Thu 10:52 PM.flavio   
You want a glass of the Jazz Chowder?
Capped at Thu 10:49 PM.AlienInvasionFleet
The last time I saw 'The Last Time I Saw Paris,' Paris was still on ST:Voyager.. (Actually, I never saw the movie.)
Capped at Thu 10:29 PM.AlienInvasionFleet
.oO(Hoo-boy is that some good heroin.) [Brought to you by RiffTracks.]
Capped at Thu 09:52 PM.LibTard
"Lois Lane, Daily Planet. Can I ask you about growing up with Bret Kavanaugh 30 years ago?" - "Sure, just as soon as you write an expose' about Keith Ellison abusing Karen Monahan 4 years ago."
Capped at Thu 07:33 PM.Thumbnail
Do you have something more sheer that will show off my pecs better?
Capped at Thu 07:27 PM.Thumbnail
Eek gads, Hoss looks better in my tube top then I do.
Capped at Thu 07:24 PM.Thumbnail
Klingon lobster? We are going to need more drawn butter.
Capped at Thu 07:04 PM.AleinInvasionFleetp
I suppose the Enterprise galley has prepared Klingon Lobster for tonight's dinner?
Capped at Thu 05:25 PM.LibTard
"After decades of degrading critical thinking skills (thanks DoEd), we'll follow that media horse wherever it leads." - "I suppose, but does it really have to be just the horse's ass?"
Capped at Thu 05:15 PM.LibTard
"No evidence of Trump-Russian collusion in Mueller's report? We need to start planting more fake news now...got to keep Trump playing DoJ-Ball for another 2 years...maybe 6!"
Capped at Thu 04:47 PM.LibTard
"The Constitution is a living, breathing document. If we reinterpret the 25th Amendment as giving the DoJ power to remove an incapacitated president over his cabinet, then that's what it means...now."
Capped at Thu 04:43 PM.flavio   
All the other wranglers are sayin' you're soft on cattle rustlin'
Capped at Thu 04:32 PM.flavio   
Did you borrow my tube top and not return it?
Capped at Thu 04:31 PM.flavio   
Here's to Festus, a hell of a pal, to every girls guy and every guy's gal. He's a brick, he's a topper, he can sing he can dance, and he frightens the horse when he lowers his pants
Capped at Thu 03:58 PM.AlienInvasionFleet
*POW* .oO(Damn mime! Forgot to take all his equipment home.)
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.