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Capped at Thu 03:05 PM.flavio   
Ground Control to Major Dude
1 vote
Capped at Thu 03:02 PM.Thumbnail
Bench press me.
1 vote
Capped at Thu 03:01 PM.Thumbnail
Houston is calling, they want to know whose shirts do you wear.
Capped at Thu 02:58 PM.Thumbnail
Should have worn my tropical tweeds.
Capped at Thu 02:56 PM.Thumbnail
Yeah, I sometimes jingle jangle jingle.
Capped at Thu 02:52 PM.Thumbnail
Is it easier to parallel park in parallel universe?
Capped at Thu 12:11 PM.flavio   
Dance Fancy Boy!
Capped at Thu 12:09 PM.flavio   
Hey, my spurs go jingle jangle jingle just like everybody else!
Capped at Thu 09:13 AM.Tommys_Dad
o/` The movie wasn't so hot, it didn't have much of a plot, we fell asleep, our goose is cooked, our reputation is shot. o/`
Capped at Thu 05:48 AM.KtmaMst3k
Unsupervised baby Vs Unleashed Dog in an exciting Death Match at 8pm.
Capped at Thu 05:45 AM.KtmaMst3k
Talk to your doctor if your head turns in to an unsupervised baby.
Capped at Thu 05:43 AM.mcgreaves
I was too late to sign Sherry's card because it was sealed, so I signed the envelope.
Capped at Thu 05:43 AM.KtmaMst3k
Am I farting rainbows yet coach?
Capped at Thu 05:42 AM.mcgreaves
Death certificate of someone who viewed LibTurd's comments.
Capped at Thu 05:39 AM.KtmaMst3k
You swim in sulfuric acid when LibTard comments.
2 votes
Capped at Thu 05:39 AM.mcgreaves
I pee in my locker when LibTurd comments.
Capped at Thu 05:19 AM.mcgreaves
I get indigestion when LibTard comments.
Capped at Thu 05:18 AM.mcgreaves
LibTurd doesn't use a dictionary, because they mispelled "because" as "becuase".
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