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Capped at Sun 07:28 AM.KtmaMst3k
I need a new lamp. One that doesn't spell his name like it's French.
Capped at Sun 07:27 AM.KtmaMst3k
I suppose I'll sweep until leaf blowers are invented.
Capped at Sun 07:23 AM.KtmaMst3k
This mouse right here squeeks in E flat. I'm going to play the mouse organ now.
Capped at Sun 07:21 AM.KtmaMst3k
Tom Servo here, I want you all to know that I've changed my name to Sirveaux. It sounds the same, but it's not.
Capped at Sun 07:20 AM.KtmaMst3k
Next time you ramble on about politics, I'll throw you in the well.
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Capped at Sun 05:28 AM.Tommys_Dad
Look out ladies, here comes flavio and he's got his swerve on.
Capped at Sun 05:24 AM.Tommys_Dad
Detroit has a space program? Who knew?
Capped at Sun 05:15 AM.Tommys_Dad
*Sigh* oO(Guess my cry baby underpants were just too much for 'im.)
Capped at Sun 05:05 AM.KtmaMst3k
Every night at 9pm, John plays the Hello Kitty intro music.
Capped at Sun 05:03 AM.KtmaMst3k
...and another dot... right.. there.
Capped at Sun 04:22 AM.mcgreaves
Say, they have Hello Kitty underwear at K-Mart. Must go there.
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Capped at Sun 04:21 AM.flavio   
I'll show them. My next political cap will be a zingaroo!
Capped at Sun 04:13 AM.mcgreaves
Only you can prevent *fill in the blank*.
Capped at Sun 03:57 AM.Tommys_Dad
A little late getting back, but the booger patrol was a success.
Capped at Sun 03:55 AM.Tommys_Dad
*Stomp* *Votes for caption* *Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp...* Must live in Chicago, they vote early and often.
Capped at Sun 03:52 AM.mcgreaves
Who me? I wear underpants. Well, Hello Kitty underpants.
Capped at Sun 03:51 AM.Tommys_Dad
You! I see you. The one without underpants. Yeah, you!
Capped at Sun 03:50 AM.mcgreaves
And who is this crybaby?
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