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Capped at Tue 07:57 PM.Thumbnail
Go minutia your horse somewhere else.
Capped at Tue 07:55 PM.Thumbnnail
Ha! You screwed up your caption.
Capped at Tue 07:53 PM.Thumbnail
I will have have what she is having.
Capped at Tue 07:27 PM.Cecilloats
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Capped at Tue 04:22 PM.pekejebe
I'll have a Ruptured Toenail barkeep.
Capped at Tue 01:34 PM.flavio   
I'll have a Greasy Navel
Capped at Tue 01:28 PM.flavio   
You call yourself a Barista? You're not even wearing a beanie!
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Capped at Tue 01:24 PM.flavio   
Back off. Gilligan is mine!
Capped at Tue 01:18 PM.flavio   
Why does he want to get into the minutia? That sounds dirty
Capped at Tue 01:10 PM.TimothyIsold
iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X.
Capped at Tue 11:56 AM.Thumbnail
after I find a 34 letter word to tell the judge so he will laugh and sing and drop the charges.
Capped at Tue 11:49 AM.Thumbnail
What is a 34 letter word for I hate yours guts and all your other internal organs?
Capped at Tue 11:46 AM.Thumbnail
Whats a 34 letter word for you better not go play poker with boys until you take the trash out?
Capped at Tue 11:33 AM.Thumbnail
You did not get me a corsage? Wait right here, Jimmy, while I get my crossbow.
Capped at Tue 12:33 AM.cambria36
Vincent often shaved his tongue, but never his mustache.
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Capped at Tue 12:32 AM.cambria36
Did I do THAT?
Capped at Mon 11:32 PM.pekejebe
Now Markus, you promised me a dance at the prom. Oh and by the way...where is my corsage?
Capped at Mon 11:08 PM.pekejebe
Please, no more political cappers. If I see one more, I am going to commit supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I don't want to be precocious. Um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I...(flatlines)
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