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Capped at Thu 03:32 AM.flavio   
Not now Kato!!
Capped at Thu 03:31 AM.flavio   
Pull the pin, I'm about to putt
Capped at Thu 03:20 AM.Tommys_Dad
Man, I'm hung like a horse!
Capped at Thu 03:06 AM.pekejebe
Unsupervised Baby hides out.
Capped at Thu 03:00 AM.pekejebe
See the USA in your Chevrolet
Capped at Thu 02:53 AM.pekejebe
1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, be on the lookout for Unsupervised Baby.
1 vote
Capped at Thu 01:53 AM.pekejebe
Pekejebe approved
1 vote
Capped at Thu 01:40 AM.flavio   
You ticklish?
Capped at Thu 12:04 AM.Tommys_Dad
Well, this changes everything. Shoulda let you go ahead and squeeze the Charmin.
2 votes
Capped at Wed 10:05 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Now that there's one happy bull. Wonder how it was for the political capper."
Capped at Wed 09:00 PM.flavio   
We're not leaving until you tell us what's in your shakey spice concoction, Mrs Dash
1 vote
Capped at Wed 08:56 PM.flavio   
Squeeze this, Mr. Whipple!
Capped at Wed 08:49 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Please don't squeeze the Charmin. Or sniff the panties."
Capped at Wed 08:48 PM.Tommys_Dad
Capped at Wed 08:25 PM.pekejebe
Don't slide down the bannister. I got slivers and couldn't sit down for a week.
Capped at Wed 08:19 PM.pekejebe
7 Eleven was closed.
1 vote
Capped at Wed 08:17 PM.Tommys_Dad
I was next door, at the 7 Eleven.
Capped at Wed 08:16 PM.pekejebe
Why didn't you meet me at TW's Tackle Store.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.