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Capped at Sun 09:13 PM.pekejebe
hears a Who!
Capped at Sun 09:12 PM.pekejebe
When I said it was "casual Friday", that didn't mean you could leave off your hat. The hat is a symbol of a cowboy mister!
Capped at Sun 09:00 PM.Thumbnail
Meanwhile, back at the Turkish Aquarium...
Capped at Sun 08:55 PM.Thumbnail
Chief says you can't wear your Goober Hat.
Capped at Sun 08:52 PM.Thumbnail
Yeah, I'm thinkin' what you're thinkin' and that ain't no monkey.
Capped at Sun 03:27 PM.flavio   
You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Capped at Sun 03:26 PM.flavio   
The chief says were no longer allowed to wear our Dick Tracy hats
Capped at Sun 03:24 PM.flavio   
Everybody's got something to hide 'cept for me and my monkey!
Capped at Sun 02:57 PM.cambria36
We need a juke box.
Capped at Sun 02:56 PM.cambria36
Now all we need is a juke-box.
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Capped at Sun 02:55 PM.cambria36
Wonders why he can't spit-for-distance.
Capped at Sun 02:32 PM.Tommys_Dad
oO(Must guard elderberry wine from Tommy's Dad.)
Capped at Sun 10:31 AM.Thumbnail
What do you mean it's my turn to watch the Hoss?
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Capped at Sun 10:28 AM.Thumbnail
Worst. Clambake. Ever.
Capped at Sun 10:24 AM.Thumbnail
The Plasma Line is two doors down, marked Gunsmoke.
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Capped at Sun 06:54 AM.pekejebe
Realized the clams and haggis he ate were rotten.
Capped at Sun 04:58 AM.flavio   
How long have those horns been growing?
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.