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Capped at Thu 06:02 AM.pekejebe
Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky!
Capped at Thu 06:02 AM.pekejebe
Oh, let's do the Time Warp again!
Capped at Thu 05:00 AM.Tommys_Dad
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Capped at Thu 04:57 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Just wanted to wish you good luck, we're all counting on you."
2 votes
Capped at Thu 01:26 AM.torgone   
Say hello to the nice folks, Senor Wences.
Capped at Thu 01:20 AM.torgone   
Shall we dance?
Capped at Thu 01:03 AM.flavio   
Poor Dan, died with a toothache in his heel
Capped at Thu 12:22 AM.AlienInvasionFleet
"Shot dead before the first commercial break? My agent's gonna hear about this."
Capped at Wed 11:26 PM.Tommys_Dad
I'm fine... to... drive... *Thud*
Capped at Wed 09:20 PM.Thumbnail
(Clarification: They're both named Fritz)
Capped at Wed 09:16 PM.Thumbnail
If not now, Fritz, when?
Capped at Wed 09:15 PM.Thumbnail
You've been distant lately. / Now is not the time, Fritz, save it for group.
Capped at Wed 09:10 PM.Thumbnail
Goodbye, Clark, your animation doesn't do it for me anymore.
Capped at Wed 09:03 PM.Thumbnail
I guess she expects us to clean her temper tantrum off the wall.
Capped at Wed 04:25 PM.flavio   
o/~ How much is that doggie in the window (arf arf)
1 vote
Capped at Wed 01:58 PM.Thumbnail
Darn, all this whirling around and I'm still not Wonder Woman.
Capped at Wed 01:54 PM.Thumbnail
Sorry, you'll have to stay here, Bunny Slippers.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.