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Capped at Sun 11:45 PM.bannerman1million
Meanwhile Ness and his men argue over a parking ticket in the middle of an arrest!
Capped at Sun 09:59 PM.Chuckles
They tell me not to push thee buttons, but I push them anyways, push push push.
Capped at Sun 04:02 PM.cambria36
Think he'll be back? "No f**kin' doubt about it."
Capped at Sun 03:23 PM.Andy
Just pay the damn check, bozo, I wanna watch Peppa Pig.
Capped at Sun 02:49 PM.bannerman1million
"Look, sometimes, I may in fact lift you up or let you down. If push comes to shove, I may actually desert you. Such is life."
Capped at Sun 10:21 AM.Chuckles
Just one word, Boba Fett, plastics.
Capped at Sun 10:15 AM.Chuckles
Just pay the damn check, bozo, I wanna watch The Mandalorian.
Capped at Sun 10:06 AM.Chuckles
Emotions running high, necks snapped, spleens pierced.
Capped at Sun 10:03 AM.Chuckles
To boldly go where no screen grab has gone before.
Capped at Sun 05:32 AM.bannerman1million
I Was A Teenage Narcolep-*thud*
Capped at Sun 05:32 AM.bannerman1million
"Mind if I murder ya just a bit for that Mandalorian comment?"
Capped at Sun 05:31 AM.bannerman1million
The CRISPR is goin' great so far....
Capped at Sun 05:31 AM.bannerman1million
Fine, I'll say it and I don't care if it hurts your feelings: Not everyone watches "The Mandalorian."
Capped at Sun 04:40 AM.flavio   
Squirrel meat!!
Capped at Sun 04:40 AM.flavio   
The Rice Krispie Treats needed just one more ingredient
Capped at Sun 01:18 AM._
Enjoy yourselves, a weekend without LibTard. *cheering*
Capped at Sun 12:37 AM.bannerman1million
"Carl, how the #$@% is this 'a better stapler'?"
Capped at Sat 10:19 PM.Chuckles
He did a good job cleaning up the place, but his bosses didnt like him, so they shot him into space.
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