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Capped at Sun 03:25 AM.flavio   
I'm afraid this Beefaroni is tainted
Capped at Sun 12:07 AM.bannerman1million
"ALERT! ALERT! The Great Darkness is leaking from the movie upstairs and slowly seeping into our scene."
Capped at Sat 11:54 PM.cambria36
R-2, D-2.....no shit.
Capped at Sat 09:44 PM.CK
The secret to inner peace through macaroni art.
Capped at Sat 09:39 PM.CK
So, you want to be a Japanese mechabot.
Capped at Sat 06:26 PM.CindyCrawfish
The Men Who Stare At Unicorns
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Capped at Sat 02:36 PM.flavio   
Don't move, there's a fly on your head
Capped at Fri 11:35 PM.pekejebe
So, you guys are Darmok on the ocean, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
Capped at Fri 10:56 PM.CK
I'm getting up now and shake my tail feathers.
Capped at Fri 06:57 PM.CK
Darby O'Gill and the Little People have an arrest warrant out for you two.
Capped at Fri 06:52 PM.CK
I'm taking you where the hobos know your name and shoe size.
Capped at Fri 04:18 PM.flavio   
I liked you better when we were hobos
Capped at Fri 03:06 PM.CK
Fourth restaurant screen grab and the kissable grits are free.
Capped at Fri 03:04 PM.CK
It is a list of my victims who did not tip.
Capped at Fri 12:49 PM.CK
Careful, that's an Ooga Booga poisonous dart pen.
Capped at Fri 12:47 PM.CK
Horse thermometer, enjoy.
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.