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Capped at Mon 02:05 AM.pekejebe
Anonymous son of anonymous horse
1 vote
Capped at Mon 01:50 AM.Tommys_Dad
He's been through the desert on an anonymous horse.
Capped at Mon 01:45 AM.Tommys_Dad
You can lead a dog to water, but you can't teach an old horse new tricks... no, wait...
Capped at Mon 01:41 AM.Tommys_Dad
Is this a picture of flavio impersonating June Cleaver?
Capped at Sun 10:28 PM.pekejebe
I really wanted some of the wedding reception mints, but they ran out. I've decided to keep the rain cake mixer I bought as their wedding gift.
1 vote
Capped at Sun 09:21 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Thank you Mistress Tsunade, may I have another?"
2 votes
Capped at Sun 08:57 PM.Thumbnail
Those people tricked me into joining AARP, I thought it was a remedy for excessive belching.
Capped at Sun 08:50 PM.Thumbnail
Kirk is taunting us with all the wedding reception mints. Lets make fun of his ridiculous chin.
1 vote
Capped at Sun 08:44 PM.Thumbnail
Okay, you and Hank can represent X and Y chromosomes at the Science Fair.
2 votes
Capped at Sun 07:46 PM.Tommys_Dad
You'll shoot yer eye out kid.
Capped at Sun 07:34 PM.pekejebe
yeah, Don Otter get a round tuit.
1 vote
Capped at Sun 07:33 PM.pekejebe
as June Cleaver.
Capped at Sun 06:51 PM.Thumbnail
Empath Emma senses her date is not fine to drive and snipes do not engage in submarine races.
Capped at Sun 06:45 PM.Thumbnail
Hope dear old Dad likes the lovely card and rain cake, if not, he could crush us into dust.
Capped at Sun 06:01 PM.flavio   
The Menendez Brothers celebrate Father's Day on the lam
Capped at Sun 03:48 PM.flavio   
Stop squirming Dad!
Capped at Sun 03:47 PM.flavio   
Got him a lovely card and some rain cake for Father's Day
Capped at Sun 03:45 PM.flavio   
Happy Father's Day!
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