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Capped at Tue 02:27 AM.LibTard
"Now, Go! Don't you know there are rules to capping?" - "Rules? Go watch the news. There are no rules any longer."
Capped at Tue 02:22 AM.LibTard
"Obama taught us how to dis cops and weaponize government. Now, mob rules so let's riot because Trump said 'pu$$y' 15 years ago!" #nodecorum
Capped at Tue 02:10 AM.LibTard
"Hi. What's your name?" - "I have no name you evil white (horse) supremacist. Oh! You know this is goin' on youtube."
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Capped at Tue 01:57 AM.BobDobbs
End Hoerling
Capped at Tue 01:51 AM.amjoan
LibTard doesn't get it. He still posts political crap. We wish he'd just go away and let us do normal caps.
Capped at Tue 01:38 AM.LibTard
"And in other news, Trump's racist for challenging AOC's Squad to improve their districts before the whole nation. But, we purposely misconstrue his tweets. So, he is a racist. F the golden goose!"
Capped at Tue 01:34 AM.LibTard
"And in other news, Trump is a racist for challenging AO
Capped at Mon 10:15 PM.pekejebe
Whee! I'm flying!
Capped at Mon 10:14 PM.pekejebe
My hands are in my pocket, because Thumbnail said it will put a tickle in my pants.
Capped at Mon 09:41 PM.pekejebe
So, Tommys_Dad says this will be a perfect size for a casket for Howard McTicklepants.
Capped at Mon 07:40 PM.flavio   
I'm bringing back Spindly!
Capped at Mon 07:22 PM.cambria36
Kills his girlfriend, but keeps her head for his desktop.
Capped at Mon 07:10 PM.Thumbnail
Here, this will put the tickle in your pants.
Capped at Mon 07:06 PM.Thumbnail
Her eyes were crossed, but her four boyfriends loved her just the same.
Capped at Mon 06:56 PM.Thumbnail
Can I go brush now, Mr. Twitty.
Capped at Mon 06:45 PM.Thumbnail
Knock knock. / Who is there? / Unfrozen Avon Lady and your doorbell is broken.
Capped at Mon 05:08 PM.Tommys_Dad
Basking in the glow of the aura of Howard McTicklepants.
Capped at Mon 05:06 PM.Tommys_Dad
We now rejoin tonight's feature presentation of "Unfrozen Avon Lady" already in progress.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.