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Capped at Wed 08:25 PM.pekejebe
Don't slide down the bannister. I got slivers and couldn't sit down for a week.
Capped at Wed 08:19 PM.pekejebe
7 Eleven was closed.
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Capped at Wed 08:17 PM.Tommys_Dad
I was next door, at the 7 Eleven.
Capped at Wed 08:16 PM.pekejebe
Why didn't you meet me at TW's Tackle Store.
Capped at Wed 07:54 PM.Tommys_Dad
Flying Squad Van Go. Wasn't he some art guy?
Capped at Wed 06:58 PM.Thumbnail
Darn right she's still mad about the cowbell.
Capped at Wed 06:37 PM.flavio   
You still mad about the cowbell?
Capped at Wed 05:08 PM.LibTard
"And now a word from our sponsor. It'll go something like 'Stay safe and secure in these uncertain times. Now, get out there and buy our product!"
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Capped at Wed 02:50 PM.pekejebe
But Harry, needs more cowbell? I gave you all that I had.
Capped at Wed 01:58 PM.flavio   
You have the poverty!
Capped at Wed 01:57 PM.flavio   
Can I borrow your toenail clippers?
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Capped at Wed 10:24 AM.Thumbnail
But Rocky flies and he is a squirrel. / But Bulwinkle is THE STAR, you anti-moose scumbucket.
Capped at Wed 10:18 AM.Thumbnail
Needs more caw.
Capped at Wed 05:45 AM.pekejebe
Officer, can you direct me to TW's Tackle Store?
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Capped at Wed 05:19 AM.pekejebe
Croons "I only have caws for you".
Capped at Wed 05:00 AM.Tommys_Dad
Emits desultory "Caw".
Capped at Wed 04:59 AM.pekejebe
Reads lines from "Caw", the musical
Capped at Wed 04:59 AM.pekejebe
Emits painful "caw"
Latest chat comments:     
Tommys_Dad: The Kitty Hawk 7 Eleven is open 24 hrs a day. (08:20 PM)
pekejebe: lol, they were having a staff meeting (08:21 PM)
Tommys_Dad: All one of her? (08:21 PM)
pekejebe: well, i think she must have called in sick and closed it for the day :P (08:23 PM)
Tommys_Dad: Well, anyway, it was a good night for a walk. (08:25 PM)
pekejebe: What did you have for a snack? (08:26 PM)
Tommys_Dad: Fish sandwich. Picnicked under the lights at TW's. You? (08:27 PM)
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