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Active cappers: cambria36 Chuckles
Capped at Fri 07:47 PM.cambria36
Did you ever even have a pecker?
Capped at Fri 07:46 PM.cambria36
Sharpens ax and yells, "WHO'S NEXT?"
Capped at Fri 07:43 PM.Chuckles
Sent to undisclosed locker room at this hour.
Capped at Fri 03:50 PM.Dl
What is he thinking?
Capped at Fri 02:46 PM.CK
But where are we going to find Martians that kidnap jolly fat men at this hour?
Capped at Fri 02:40 PM.CK
Voodoo magic is evil, but it does clean out the intestines.
Capped at Fri 02:38 PM.CK
I like your squeeze face.
Capped at Fri 02:25 AM.flavio   
I'm the apprentice now!
Capped at Fri 02:16 AM.flavio   
I'd like to thank you all for tuning in to my dramatic recitation of "Good Old Rocky Top"
Capped at Fri 02:14 AM.flavio   
Woodstock Day 4
Capped at Thu 09:06 PM.Chuckles
Nope, but I know what this does.
Capped at Thu 09:05 PM.Chuckles
Anybody know what this thing does?
Capped at Thu 09:02 PM.Chuckles
Hope this isnt the George Raft gun in Casino Royals.
Capped at Thu 08:42 PM.Chuckles
What does Rachel Levine have that I don't have?
Capped at Thu 07:49 PM.cambria36
p.s. on second thought F**k him...let him take-the-rap.
Capped at Thu 05:15 PM.JudgyWudgy
You can tiptoe through my tulips anytime, sailor.
Capped at Thu 04:14 PM.cambria36
Room with a shitty view.
Capped at Thu 10:53 AM.CK
End Credit Space Invaders will crush your silly submersible.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.