The Movie Catalog

I’ve just released a beta version of stage one of my latest crazy project: a catalog of the “Inventing Situations Playhouse” movies. Links to the films at the imdb and (where you can watch them!) It also includes the non-ephemeral Turkey day movies, even though most of them aren’t in the rotation yet.

Stage two of this project is going to let you pick a movie, and then through the magic of PayPal, send me money to let you cap it at the time and date of your choice. It might include some other good reasons to click into the movies and better searching and sorting.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

2 Responses to “The Movie Catalog”

  1. UpSky2 Says:

    Swell. If the magic of PayPal is up to it, and performs. “Bring it on, oh my fiancee,” as they didn’t quite say in Tarkovsky’s Finland-Russia.

  2. UpSky2 Says:

    (Sorry if that sounded rude. I’ve heard worse lately.)

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