Sorry. This isn't very interesting without graphics. Move your mouse over a capper for a blurrier view and their name. Click on them and their hompepage (if they have one) should open in a separate window.
suggs bugwber Buffoon animebabe Agent_Moldy Agent_Moldy
LuvBJones JoeCrow
suggs Buffoon Buffoon capper spouse Agent_Moldy nashbrutusandshort DavidVader JoeCrow
suggs Dan! Scouty Scouty Generik Generik capper pal JoeCrow
Dan! Dan! Dan! Scouty Generik capper pal capper pal Nobody here
1. bugwber
2. animebabe
3. Agent_Moldy
4. nashbrutusandshort
5. DavidVader
6. JoeCrow
7. suggs
8. Dan, Dan the shoeshineman
9. Buffoon
10. Generik's Wife
11. Scouty
12. Generik
13. amycamus' pal Bob who briefly capped as EddieMars
14. amycamus
15. LuvBJones
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